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Elevator Monarch Controller for all of elevator



Item: Elevator Controller for Home lift                 

Model number: NICE-CB1-B-AL2-4007

    Original No. :/    

    Speed: 1m/s

    Power: 7.5kw

    Load: 410kg     

    Type: VVVF               

    Size: 530*1100*240 mm

   Suitable for: All of Elevators                     

   AF-ID: AF-TY90243A




Elevator Monarch Pad

Elevator Monarch Pad


Item: Elevator Operator and connection             

Model number: MDKE

Original No.: /                              

Size: 115*75*26.5 mm

Suitable for: Elevator                         

AF-ID: AF-TY90243B

Elevator Monarch COP



Item: Elevator COP

Model number: MBT-COP-A-2-H-F1-MA001RF-2

Original No.: /                

Size: 1640*220*74 mm

Suitable for: All of Elevator           

AF-ID: AF-TY90243C



Elevator Monarch HOP(Up/First Floor/one button)

Item: Elevator HOP (up)     

Model number: MBT-HOP-Z-03-R1-F1-MA001BF

Original No. : /             

Size: 310*108*24 mm 

Suitable for: All of Elevator           

AF-ID: AF-TY90243D

Elevator Monarch HOP(Down)


Item: Elevator HOP(down)        

Model number: MBT-HOP-Z-05-R1-F1-MA001BF

Original No. : /               

Size: 310*108*24 mm

Suitable for: All of Elevator             

AF-ID: AF-TY90243F



Elevator Fire box

Item: Elevator Fire box                   

Model number: MBT-FIRE-A-F1

Original No. : /                          

Size: 123*84*41 mm   

Suitable for: All of Elevator                 

AF-ID: AF-TY90243G

Elevator car top maintain box


Item: Elevator car top connection box           

Model number: MBT-CTIB-A1

Original No. : /                             

Size: 520*400*110 mm   

Suitable for: All of Elevator                        

AF-ID: AF-TY90243H


Elevator Pit inspection box 


Item: Elevator Pit inspection box                

Model number: MBT-PIB-A1

Original No. : /                              

Size: 310*180*117 mm 

Suitable for: All of Elevator                         

AF-ID: AF-TY90243I


Elevator Pit emergency stop box


Item: Elevator Pit emergency stop box                    

Model number: MBT-PSB-A1

Original NO.: /                                 

Size: 155*103*84 mm

Suitable for: All of Elevator                            

AF-ID: AF-TY90243J


 Elevator Five-party intercom  

Item: Elevator Five-party intercom                 

Model number: MBT-TEL-A

Suitable for: All of Elevator                            

AF-ID: AF-TY90243K

Elevator Arrival Gong for all of elevator


Item: Elevator Arrival Gong                       

Model number: MBT-AG-A1

Original No.: /                                  

Size: 40*62 mm   

Suitable for: All of Elevator                            

AF-ID: AF-TY90243L


Elevator Hoistway Switch (same with 1370/1371 switch)


Item: Elevator Hoistway switch                    

Model number: MBT-HSS-A1

Original No.: /                                  

Size: 129*66*39 mm

Suitable for: All of Elevator                            

AF-ID: AF-TY90243M


Elevator Leveling sensor SGD


Item: Elevator Leveling sensor                     

Model number: MBT-LS-A1

Original No.: SGD31-GG-TZ2B2                   

Size: 72*52*20.5 mm   

Suitable for: All of Elevator                             

AF-ID: AF-TY90243N


Elevator Bell


Item: Elevator Bell

Model number: /

Original No. : /                              

Size: 53*54 mm 

Suitable for: All of Elevator                         

AF-ID: AF-TY90243O


Elevator Cables


Item: Elevator Cables

Model number: /

Original No. : /                               


Suitable for: All of Elevator   

AF-ID: AF-TY90243Q


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