Tips of escalator control system



Tips of escalator control system
Control System --- Mainboard ID NO.: --- Escalator Model --- Year of production
1.MICONIC F2 System --- Mainboard: 387600---SWE/SDS---2000;
2.MICONIC F3 System --- Mainboard: 590810/590811--- 9300/9500---2000/2003;
3.MICONIC F4 Systems --- Mainboard: SY398765 (PEM4/PES4) ---9300/9500---2003/2009;
4.MICONIC F5 system --- Mainboard: 50606950/50606951 (PEM5/PES5) ---9300/9500---2009- so far;
Especially mainboard Sy398765 (PEM4/PES4) can be replaced by 50606952 (F5), it's the enhanced version of Sy398765 (PEM4/PES4).

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How to solve the error code 69 on DOC-131 of SIGMA/LG-OTIS elevator?

How to solve the error code 69 on DOC-131 of SIGMA/LG-OTIS elevator?
Yesterday our friend asked us do him a favor, they have one board DOC-131, An error code 69
Appeared on the DOC-131 main board. Our engineer gave the following solutions.
1. Check brake circuit first
2. Check DPB-100A board 
3. Check the 110v fuse on DOP-116. May be fuse is damage.

Attached tips for doc-130 board also, we hope it can help some sigma engineers.

Tips for SIGMA / LG-OTIS main control board DOC-130 - A. B. C ,Three types of applications A: machine room elevator, geared traction machine, encoder pulse 1024 B: machine roomless elevator, traction machine similar as OTIS Gen2, use encoder ERN1387 C. small machine room, permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, use encoder TS5246N574; Blue-ray or changshu traction machine, final change to use the Korea Sameee system; D: DOC-130 can be replaced by DOC-131 or DOC-132.

About DOC-130&DOC-131&DOC-132,If you are familiar with the board, or had to deal with the failure of the board. Pls share it here. Thanks.