Touchless elevator operation,Elevator non-contact button ,Elevator touchless button

We can supply kinds of touchless elevator operation and elevator touchless button. if you send us the size of touchless button,the voltage, their photos of the front and back, and their dimensional drawing,we can quote it to you asap.

In the past, people took the elevators, they could reach the destination floor by pressing the elevator buttons. With the progress of science and technology, the non-contact button elevators emerge as the times require.

Scanning the code to take elevator : Passengers only need to scan the QR code, the elevator can automatically identify and arrive at the designated floor. It is applicable to most occasions like pedestrian gates, community monitoring and managing system or other places.

Swiping the card to take elevator : The elevator can automatically recognize and reach the designated floor by swiping the IC card. The management office can set the general card, time limited card or other cards according to different needs of customers, and provide different authorization for the card.

Voice recognition to elevator : Passengers directly tell the machine the floor she/he wants to go to, and the machine can automatically light the corresponding buttons. The whole process is to call and take the elevator via voice recognition.

Light sensing function to take elevator : It uses the principle of infrared ray intelligent sensing to take elevator. The elevator passengers put the finger 2-5cm away from the front of the elevator button, then triggering signal through infrared ray, and the elevator receives the commands to bring passengers to the designated floor.


Elevator Touchless device 


Elevator touchless buttons

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Elevator touchless buttons