Escalator safety brush,escalator brush

The escalator brush or ‘skirt deflector‘ is designed to minimise the risk of trapping objects between the steps and the side of the escalator, known as the escalator ‘skirt’.

There are varieties of escalator brushes based on the different materials, color or functions.

Such as black or yellow escalator brushes; single and double row brushes;flame retardant and non-flame retardant escalator brushes.

The formula for calculating escalator brush length is evolved from the trigonometric function. And it is simply summarized as:

For Escalator 30°

Total Length (L)=Rise Height*4+5

Straight Part (L1)= L-8

For Escalator 35°

Total Length (L)=Rise Height*4+3

Straight Part (L1)= L-8

For Moving Sidewalk 12°

Total Length (L)=Rise Height*10-2

Straight Part (L1)= L-4

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