Introduction of Escalator Cleaner as follows,

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—Multiple functions and high performance

It is a three in one machine integrating water sprayingdeep scrubbing and sewage recycling. Can be used for escalator and moving walkwaysrough metal floor, etc. Ideal for both everyday cleaning and to remove engrained dirt and heavier marks. --Deep Cleaning System

The revolutionary double-brush design system guarantees results and once in position, the cleaner works automatically,leaving the operator free to dedicate their time to other tasks. The brushes penetrate deep into the escalatortreads to remove dry dustthe stubborn stains, gravel and recycle them into the sewage tank. Cleaning a 15-meter long escalator only needs 15 minutes


Suitable for shopping malls,hospital,

stations and airports, etc. 

The technical data and size of Escalator Cleaner as follows,

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