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Escalator Friction Wheel 

Escalator handrail friction wheel,Escalator handrail wheel,

We can supply kinds of high quality of Escalator handrail frictions wheel,Escalator handrail wheels,,if you send us escalator type and their Dimension drawings,or send us factory's original identity number.we can quote it to you asap.

Escalator handrail friction wheel uses the friction between handrail to drive the handrail to run. Depending on the driving mode, the friction wheel could be installed at the escalator top end or the middle position.

As it is an important part of the escalator, we need to check it regularly in daily maintenance. If the friction wheel is excessively worn, it will cause the handrail slip. As a result, the handrail cannot be synchronized with the step, even resulting in the escalator being out of service.

Usually, the friction wheel shall have the following basic characteristics:

1. With large friction coefficient, and can provide greater friction to improve transmission capacity.

2. Low sensitivity to temperature and humidity.

3. Strong wear-ability and long-life using.

How to save your time to order or customize your right friction wheel?

Please confirm your escalator brand.

1.Provide photos of your escalator friction wheel front and back to the supplier.

2.If there is the model number on the friction wheel, please also show it.

3.Confirm size specifications: Including diameter, thickness, grooves, ect.

Common escalator friction wheel model NO. and size details for your information:

1. DAA265NNN1 Escalator Friction Wheel 456*32mm

2. GAA265AP1  GAA265BF1 Escalator Friction Wheel 390*35mm

3.1709752000 1709115000 Escalator Friction Wheel D690*34/   D683*34mm

4.388782/50626951/SZ201305/2364638XO Escalator Handrail Friction Wheel D497*30mm

5.Escalator Handrail Friction Wheel 587 * 30mm /D606*30mm

6.DSA000B047  Handrail Friction Wheel  D457x34mm

7.DEE3721446    Escalator Friction Wheel  D863*35mm

8.DEE4001026/4001056 Escalator Friction Wheel  770*35mm

9.KM1353110  Escalator Friction Wheel D587*30mm

10.KM5281443G01/5300917D10/KM5300917H11 Escalator Friction Wheel D497*30mm

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